This wiki aims to be the ultimate reference for EC Fans.

About licensing/CopyrightEdit

This wiki is a Fork of the old EC wiki that was formerly located at, and was merged with the [Crossgen Comics Database Wiki]. The content there was licensed as CC-BY-SA and as such, so is this wiki. More Info...

EC Comics Wiki is not associated/endorsed by any of the titles/brands/artists/publishers/media mentioned or depicted within EC Comics Wiki.

Why a fork?Edit

The reason for this wiki forking from the Crossgen Wiki is so that EC Fans can have a place of their own to look up issue and story summaries, as well as write about non-comic-format EC-related media such as Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, EC Reprint Series', and the TftC radio show, as well as discuss EC-related media in the forum.