EC Comics Wiki

About licensing/Copyright[]

This wiki was started as a Fork of portions of the old EC Wiki (which was was formerly located at, and was later merged into the Crossgen Comics Database Wiki.) The content there was licensed as CC-BY-SA and as such, so is this wiki. CC BY-SA 3.0 License details here...

All articles that are new on this wiki are CC BY-SA 3.0 Licensed as well.

Why a fork?[]

The reason for this wiki forking from the Crossgen Wiki is so that EC Fans can have a place of their own to look up issue and story summaries, as well as write about non-comic-format EC-related media such as Creepshow, Tales from the Crypt, EC Reprint Series', rather than be a sidenote-section in a wiki based around an even more obscure comic publisher. In addition to that, rather than having a forum on a general-topic wiki, having a forum/message board purely dedicated to discuss EC-related media.

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