EC Comics Wiki

Cover Variant Completist Project/CVCP is a project to gather all available cover variants of EC comics, and catalogue them on their issues' entry pages in the EC Comics Wiki Database.

What is wanted[]

  • Original Printed Covers
  • Original Art
  • Original Color Proof Sheets
  • EC Library Recolors
  • Gemstone/Gladstone/etc Reprint Printed Covers
  • Variants of the covers as used on reprint volumes such as EC Archives, EC Library, EC Classics, Hardcover books, ETC


If you upload an image, be sure to provide any details you can in the file description, and remember to license it under fair use. On that note, do not post full stories, unless they have fallen into public domain.

Place the image on its' appropriate issue page, as a second image in the template. Alternatively, a gallery may be added at the bottom of the page.

Hires image replacements[]

Currently we are looking to replace the current cover images on the wiki with much Higher-resolution images. Contact an admin if you can help provide images!!

Thanks for hires images to:[]

  • Thommy Burns
  • Alan Hutchinson