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Jack Kamen
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Jack Kamen

Appearing in "Only Skin-Deep"Edit

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Synopsis for "Only Skin-Deep"Edit

A man comes out of an car accident with amnesia and plastic surgery to reconstruct extensive facial burns to be met by a woman who claims to be his lover and that the two of them plotted to murder her husband for his insurance money. He travels to a cabin with her and when he slips and bumps his head, his memory returns. He strangles the woman because he recalls that he is not her lover but actually her husband who had overheard their plans to kill him and got the jump on the other man and switched clothes before getting caught in the fire he set in the car's gas tank.

Appearing in "Blood-Brothers"Edit

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Synopsis for "Blood-Brothers"Edit

A bigot finds out that his life was saved as a child by a blood transfusion from a black man.

Appearing in "Upon Reflection"Edit

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Synopsis for "Upon Reflection"Edit

A boxer feels guilty for killing a man in the ring when the man's widow screams at him that he's a 'beast'. He perceives that his hands and face are taking on the appearance of a gorilla but a psychologist tells him that it's all in his mind. He sees a mirror on the street and resolves to look into it. He gaps in horror and then withdraws the pistol he had in his jacket to shoot himself. The store owner is puzzled by the suicide and tells the nearby police officer that he had recently purchased a trick mirror to spruce up business.

Appearing in "Squeeze Play"Edit

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Synopsis for "Squeeze Play"Edit

A young man gets a girl pregnant and then murders her by throwing her out of a roller coaster car. She sees what he's planning and screams for help. The other riders hear her and summon the police. The killer bolts and buries his clothes beneath the beach's boardwalk and tries to get a ride home with some girls. They cajole him into the surf and abandon him there when they see their boyfriends arrive despite his protests that he can't swim.


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