Appearing in "It Was a Monster From the Fourth Dimension"Edit

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Synopsis for "It Was a Monster From the Fourth Dimension"Edit

A farmer is harassed by a body part from a fourth dimensional alien so he calls his scientist brother down to the farm. The brother uses an invention to travel into the fourth dimension with dynamite to slay the creature. It works, but the scientist is slain in the process. The farmer buries his brother and attempts to cover up the creature's remains, but he moves away from the farm because of the stink.

Appearing in "Something Missing"Edit

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Synopsis for "Something Missing"Edit

A professor builds a machine that reforms an object's atoms into whatever the object is thinking of. When the man's wife catches him with his pretty young assistant the girl steps onto the device and thinks of a statuette. The wife enters and sees the statuette, in a rage because she thinks her husband had it made for the girl, she smashes it. The man tries to collect all the pieces on the device in order to reverse the process, but after he turns it on, he notices a rather large piece on the floor that he had overlooked.

Appearing in "Gregory had a Model-T"Edit

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Synopsis for "Gregory had a Model-T"Edit

A man pours so much love into his car that it becomes self-powered. When he passes away, and it is sold to a new owner, it chases him around a tree before heading off to the funeral of its beloved master and then throws itself off a cliff.

Appearing in "The Aliens"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Aliens"Edit

Explorations from both Mars and Venus encounter each other on Earth and mistake each other for Earthmen. A fight breaks out, and they retreat to their spaceships. Once they arrive on their home planets they begin to draw up invasion plans for the unsuspecting Earthmen.


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